Friday, March 25, 2011

Preservation: way cool

Germans get so much of it right- diversity in education, family-supportive maternity leave laws, walkability in community design, snug fitting, big-buttoned military jackets (one of my favorite looks)...and here is another great example if them making something cool...preservation!

Under the name of “Dispatchwork” (all puns intended), Berliners are taking to the streets with a medium that will take you right back to your childhood: LEGOs! As described, the project “is part urban art installation, part historical highlighting (since many of the gaps date back to World War II) and part method of calling attention to buildings that could use some help.”

And while I doubt this fits the bill as “sensitive materials” for patching up places that matter, I adore the project as an attention-getting public service announcement. I’m also incredibly jealous. File under things I wish I had thought of.

Link here

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