Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Historic Preservation: vinyl vs wood windows

Why are wood windows better?
Tampa Preservation Inc created a great video which addresses, via lego-like droids, the assumption that vinyl windows are better than repairing original wood windows. Its a must watch!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Historic Preservation: Revisited

This video presents today's version of  historic preservation- how it goes beyond the velvet ropes and irate blue-haired ladies stereotype to deliver community-building results that are good for our heritage, planet and yes, people.  Rhonda Sincavage, National Trust for Historic Preservation, may just be my new hero!

Community development: Access

Those pesky potholes in Columbus, Ohio may get fixed faster thanks to some bright engineering students at Ohio State. Residents of the city will soon have a new tool at their disposal thanks in part to students of The Ohio State University computer science and engineering program.

Software engineering students were tasked with establishing a proof of concept and fundamental development of the app in conjunction with the City of Columbus Department of Technology.

The “My Columbus” app suite features four sections:

• 311, which allows residents to report issues like graffiti and potholes, with the capability of uploading a photo;

• My Neighborhood, which provides quick information about government services, private sector services, entertainment and local shops;

• GreenSpot, which offers tips on how to be more environmentally friendly; and

• GetActive, which gives locations of local parks and recreation centers, walking and biking paths, exercise tips and health advice."